Penalty area right in front of you and also on the right about 180m off the tee. Best tee shot is placed along the left-hand side of the fairway and it opens up the green. Penalty area short of the green on the right-hand side and runs for 70 m. A laid up second in the fairway may be your best option. If going for the green in two then avoid the penalty area on the right, the rough on the left and certainly over the back of the green. Front left and back right pin placements can make for tricky putting.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   5 7 457
   Orange   3 13 157
   Purple   4 12 251
   Red   5 5 398
   White   5 9 426
   Blue   5 14 457
   Purple   4 12 251
   Red   5 6 398
   White   5 3 426